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Our mission is to ENCOURAGE self-empowerment and healthy love
through a personal story of dating violence.


I was a sophomore in college when she looked at me and said, “I’m happy you’re here.  I have experience working with women in abusive relationships,” I had to catch myself from falling out of my chair.  I can’t explain why during the 9 month-long toxic and euphoric rollercoaster; the word abuse had never crossed my mind.  I can only say that not knowing why it didn’t is the reason something needed to be done.

The same person that shook my world by merely stating the obvious has since become a very important person in my life.  She once told me about a Chinese proverb called the Red String of Fate.  According to this myth, an invisible red string connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance.  Maybe if I had been educated on dating violence, I never would have had to experience it.  But would I have listened?  Or would I have rolled my eyes and thought, “I have a backbone.  I’m smart.  That would never happen to me.”

By sharing my story first with a few friends, then with my peers, I realized my story didn’t stand alone.  A club was formed. The stories came pouring in and I watched judgment fly out the window as a group of college students, strangers to each other just minutes before, sat face to face, opened up, laughed, and cried.  It was then I realized, this isn’t about dating violence. This is about choosing change and creating good. I never thought one of the worst experiences of my life would hand over the wand to do just that. What started as a movement to “heal a heart, remove the 1” affected by relationship violence, grew into the little corner of the world you are visiting this very moment – the purplethread, where we believe in people & projects that empower & inspire, "threading good" however possible.

I do think everything has an element of fate, a touch of red string, perhaps. But just as life happens to us, we can happen to it. We just have to want to. (I don’t think it’s a coincidence that purple is the color of good judgment & peace of mind.. :) Each of our stories, just like every purplethread bracelet, is unique. It is the choice within each of us that is the same: choose to matter. Choose to #threadgood.

danielle deZao

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We worked with our friends at Threads of Hope to pick our favorite shades of purple. The men, women, and children of the Philippines make them by hand, every single bracelet stitch unique to one another, just like the stories of the people wearing them.

THE journey

Threads of Hope assists the economically oppressed in under-developed countries to establish home enterprises that will provide an income, stability, and great improvement to their lives.

With each bracelet we buy from them, we change their lives change a little at a time. With each bracelet you buy from us, you are helping us #threadgood by raising awareness of healthy love.

Bulk packages available for organizations wanting to fundraise for non-profits local to them.

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I met Danielle as she was not only running the fashion show, but was starting up a social awareness program that was incredibly entrepreneurial in nature and that truly improved the lives of many students as they navigated their way through some of the more harsh realities of relationships early in adult life. She proved herself not only to be an inspirational leader, but extremely hard working, open minded, driven, organized, and yet still one of most pleasant people I've ever met. She blended in quickly with sage professionals and learned quickly how to adapt, adjust, and overcome the challenges I have seen her face. Since then it has been wonderful to see Danielle develop into a sage professional in her own right and I am sure there is much more to come.

Bill Thirsk, Chief Digital Officer and Chief Information Officer at Brown University



Quinnipiac University

Fieldstone Middle School
Maplewood High School
Ramapo College
Ramsey High School

Ichabod Crane High School
Manhattanville College
Marist College
Monroe-Woodbury High School
Pace University
Somers High School
Stuyvesant High School
SUNY New Paltz
Todd Middle School
Ursuline High School
Vassar College


Dutchess County Coalition Against Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Awards
Grace Smith House Awards Gala
Hudson Valley Magazine Best Of – College Do-Gooder

abc’s "What Would You Do?" / John Quinones
Hope's Door Symposium
Joyful Heart Foundation
Love Is Not Abuse App Launch / Tim Gunn
Regional News Network "Ending Domestic Violence: Survivors Share Their Stories"
The White House - Round-Table Discussion



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